About us

logo-creolepayCreolepay is a service oriented company started with the aim of providing better convenience and travel services to Seychelles’ visitors. We have a team of dedicated professionals working round the clock to make sure that our  services are delivered as and when the customers avail them. Punctuality, customer satisfaction and quality assurance are the key factors that we believe in order to deliver the best service to our customers thus helping them have the time of their lives in Seychelles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make travel in Seychelles convenient,safe and more traveller-friendly.

How do we help?

Creolepay lets you enjoy the freedom of exploring the natural beauty of Seychelles and Praslin all on your own. Using our car hire service, your travel could be made simple and more delightful as you could hire cars in Praslin and Seychelles under a single firm, reducing the tedious job of searching for cars in each island separately. Moreover, you could get the car delivered to you anywhere you want it, be it at the jetty, airport or hotel. You could also pick the car up at the airport, self-navigate, park at your hotel and deliver it back to us at the airport a few hours prior to your departure. By eliminating the need for booking a taxi, Creolepay makes your travel at Seychelles and Praslin safe, reliable, cheap and time saving.

Services included

  • Free navigable maps of all places in Mahe and Praslin installed.
  • Free delivery and pick up at most of the places.
  • Free delivery and pick up at your hotel.
  • Full comprehensive insurance.
  • 100% fully 3D secured transactions and much more.