Who we are:

“creolepay” car bookings, we are a car rental broker. As soon as the customer get a paid receipt he/she will receive a detailed information on the local car rental company through our confirmation email, which will be sent after our payment confirmation mail.

Creolepay offers rent a car service in Seychelles for customers around globe. Using our responsive site the customer can make bookings in five different languages-English, French, German, Russian and Chinese. The terms and conditions leaf (English), which comes attached with the voucher.

Reselling our services:

Reselling our services is illegal to our norms. A concern who wishes to do so must ask prior request and a separate terms and conditions will be made with them.

Order validity:

The validity of customer’s booking order starts the instant creolepay confirms the availability of the car.conformation of your order might take up to 48 hours.

Contract signing:

If the local car rental company ask the customer to sign a car rental contract-the customer is liable to sign the contract but the terms and conditions remain the same,which is attached to the customer’s voucher.the local car rental company will also follow the same terms and conditions which was mailed to the customer along with the voucher.

All the existing damages must be noted in the rental contract at the time of both handovers. The customer must be present at the time of noting the existing damages and both handovers.

Cancellation policy:

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

72hrs before – 70 % of total payment will be refunded.

48hrs before – 50% of total payment will be refunded.

24hrs before – No refund.

No Show – No refund.

Note: Creolepay does not hold responsibility for any bank charges that incurs while refunding your money.

Order cancellation:

The customer has the right to cancel the order at any time when the terms face a major deviation.charges will be applied to the customer for the time till the car was used and the remaining amount will be refunded. No additional charges have to be paid by the customer, except the state when the car was not returned in the same condition as it was given to the customers.

Customer duties and responsibilities:

As mentioned before, creolepay car booking is a car booking broker-under any circumstances creolepay won’t accept any liability for the material and personal damages or other liabilities that could arise from partaking in road traffic and on the road.

Delivery of the booked car:

In case the car booked by the customer couldn’t be delivered by us, another car of same or different model equivalent to the price paid by the customer (according to our rental fees) will be provided.

Pickup and delivery of the rented car is free for airport delivery and pick up and even free for most of the places unless the spot is remote or too far. In the case of remote or far away spot a delivery charge can be charged by the local car rental company.

Terms pertaining to return of the rented car:

1. Vehicle returning

Vehicles should be returned in the same flawless condition in which the customer received it.upon damage (note: this also includes GPS device given to the clients)  the customer will be charged according to the damage fee leveled by the local car company.(note: this amount won’t exceed the excess amount prescribed in the voucher).

When the vehicle is returned in a bad condition, part of the deposit will be kept to cover the cost. If the exact amount cannot be determined beforehand, the worst case will be assumed until the necessary adjustments are made.

The customer shall bring the car back at the agreed time and place. If there is a delay of more than one hour, the local rental company can charge an additional fee which is equivalent to one day’s rental fee. this fee can be charged without further cost at the time of booking if a belated return is possible

2. Fuel levels

The initial fill level of the fuel tank is indicated on the rental agreement form. If the fuel tank was full initially, the vehicle must be filled up within 3 km of the drop off location. If there is not the same amount of fuel in the tank, the customer will be charged for the missing amount. Penalties may apply depending on the respective partner company. The outstanding amount should be paid on the spot in cash or by credit card. If the amount of fuel in the tank is more than the initial fuel level, this do not entitle you to get a refund.

Hotel delivery and pick up:

In case of a hotel delivery, the customer should wait outside of the hotel premises or make sure that our representative will be let in at the front gate.

Driving license:

Upon delivery of the car, the customer must provide a valid driving license in the respective country and it should be issued at least one year ago. A minimum age of 21 years or more applies depending on the car booked. If the age required is more than 21, it will be notified throughout the booking process. If the customer does not meet the age requirement or the mentioned driving license was not provided, creolepay has the right to cancel the booking at a charge.

The above-mentioned points are applicable to additional drivers also (the customer is accountable to the additional driver’s improper driving).

Additional driver:

The rented car can only be driven by the customer who rented it and one additional driver is allowed. This additional driver should be present at the time of renting the car and the name of the additional driver will be filled in the car rental contract. The additional driver should also fulfill the same rules concerning the driver in terms of license and age. If the car is driven by other person, the insurance is void.

Restricted areas:

The usage of the rented car is restricted to these areas. The customer is not permitted to ride on dirt roads, roads which will damage the bottom part of the car, on the beach or on mountain routes which will result in vehicle damage. Routes recommended by satellite navigation do not come in to these restrictions.

The above-mentioned points are applicable to additional drivers also (the customer is accountable to the additional driver’s improper driving).

Damage to the rented car and other damages:

Damages incurred from improper driving are to be paid by the customer, even if they are caused by additional driver.

Damages caused to the bottom part of the car due to improper driving is not included in the insurance.

Any damage or loss to the satellite navigation device provided is not included in the insurance.

The deductible amount to be paid by the customer is not valid for the damages not covered by the insurance. In this case, the customer must pay all the damage cost. The deductible amount to be paid by the customer is applied by per damage basis caused by the customer.

The above-mentioned points are applicable to additional drivers also (the customer is accountable to the additional driver’s improper driving).

In case the damage occurred was not reported on time or if the damage was intentional or due to negligence or the customer failed to call the police in case of an accident, the customer is liable and accountable. False statements regarding circumstances of the accident/damage also makes the customer liable and accountable.

Insurance coverage and CDW:

All vehicles booked from creolepay are covered by insurance. They come with CDW-collision damage waiver-it’s a safety damage insurance coverage that’s come with the cars you rent with us with a deductible amount to be paid, if any damage occurs. (if any damage occurs the customer is payable to a maximum of the deductible amount that is shown on the screen while booking the car). The deductible amount will be mentioned in the voucher that is generated when the customer pays.

Insurance does not cover to the damages caused due to

  1. Violating the rental terms.
  2. Gross negligence of the driver.
  3. Drunk and driving.
  4. Improper driving of the vehicle.
  5. Driving the car on restricted areas, beach, dirty roads and other non-drivable mountainous routes. (the routes recommended by satellite navigation does not come into this restriction).

Insurance policy does not cover to the damages caused to the tires by the customer.

The damages caused to the car by the driver who is not listed in the agreement is not included in the insurance.

In case the driver doesn’t have a proper driving license, the damages caused to the car are not included in the insurance.

The above-mentioned points are applicable to additional drivers also (the customer is accountable to the additional driver’s improper driving).


1.price and currencies:

We accept major currencies for credit/debit/paypal payments (i.e) euro and us dollar. However the customer can pay through their own currency card. The conversion charges are the customer’s responsibility. The price shown in your invoice/at the time of booking is your rental price and it won’t change even if the price in the website change at some cases.

2.Delivery and fuel cost:

The rental price does not include the fuel cost. Changes may be applicable for delivery and pic up of the rented car for certain places. Delivery charges will be shown to the customer at the time of booking in the website or intimated after booking, if applicable. Delivery charges raised to the customers without intimation should be reported to us with the delivery charge bill copy through mail.

3.credit card payments:
The car rental amount paid through debit cards and credit cards should be effective in to our accounts within 3 days after booking the car. If failed Creolepay has the right to cancel the booking.

4.paypal payments:

The car rental amount paid through paypal should be effective in to our accounts within 7 days after booking the car. If failed Creolepay has the right to cancel the booking.

5.payment overdue:

In case of payment overdue on the booked car either through credit/debit cards/PayPal payments or the amount did not effect on our account within the above mentioned dates, Creolepay has the right to cancel the customer’s booking without any prior notice.


If any cash payment was made, Customers are advised to request signed valid bill from the local car rental company to avoid fraud and to ensure safety. Creolepay might refuse not entertain any refunds or obligations or claims from customers, if a valid signed bill/receipt/invoice regarding the payment was not submitted.


In some cases, a deposit amount will also be shown while the customer books the car depending on the policies of the local car rental company. If shown, while booking this deposit amount should be paid either as cash/credit card by the customer. The deposit can be charged while booking the car itself or at the time of delivery of the car if it’s shown on the screen whiles the customer is booking the car. The deposit amount paid need not be identical to the deductible amount payable.

Responsibilities of the customer:

1. Safety of the belongings
The customer is responsible for keeping his/her belongings and cars rental’s belongings inside the car safely. Any loss in this is not included in the insurance.

The above-mentioned points are applicable to additional drivers also (the customer is accountable to the additional driver’s improper driving).

2. Parking of the rented vehicle

Parking the rented vehicle in a safe place is the responsibility of the customer. Damages to the vehicle due to parking the vehicle on any steep edges, peaks, close to water canal or any water areas are not included in the insurance. A safe distance should be maintained by the customer while parking the vehicle in these areas.(it’s advisable to avoid parking the vehicle under coconut trees-so as to avoid car damage by falling coconuts)

3. Locking the rented car

The customer has the responsibility to ensure proper locking of the car when unattended (while going for shopping/parking and any other activities).

Maintaining the car:

The customer is expected to handle the car with proper care. This includes maintaining proper driving, oil level, and tire pressure.

Other responsibilities:

The customer is accountable for damages to any loss of the car or any breach of the car rental contract if not covered by insurance.

The responsibility of the customer over the car ends with a written confirmation of return from the local car rental company.

In case of an accident, car breakdown, fire, damage caused by other factors to the rented car, the customer should inform the police and local car rental company immediately. The customer agrees to cooperate in the investigation of the accident occurred. This includes gathering license plates, address, phone number and names of all parties involved and to preserve the evidence.

The customer must not use that car, after accident without an explicit permission from the local car rental company.

The customer holds the responsibility and duty to take all necessary actions to prevent unnecessary damages to the rented car.

The customer has to deal with the violation of road traffic regulations or other laws.

In case the customer fails to keep the car with proper driving or compliance with these terms, the contract may be terminated by us permanently.

All the terms and conditions/rules listed will apply to the additional driver also.


As mentioned before creolepay car booking is only a broker who brokers vehicles that are sanctioned to be used as local car rental according to the local law of Seychelles. The customer accepts acknowledges that creolepay has no way to verify upon the delivery of the vehicle. In case of any irregularities, the customer must contact creolepay. Regarding damage/problems/vehicle replacement, the customer should contact only the respective local car hire. Creolepay doesn’t take any responsibility in this issue.

In case the condition of rental vehicle is not satisfactory, the customer should report only the local car Rental Company and give them an opportunity to amend the issue, customer satisfaction is important to us-in most cases your issue will be resolved/amended. Refunds are possible when the issue persists even after the attempts of amendments.

The customer has the right to contact local car Rental Company for all minor issues and will be resolved within 24 hours without any compensation.

The customer has right to request to correct/delete or any changes to their stored data. Please contact us through mail to do so.

Creolepay privacy terms:

1. Customer data

We use the data you provide to process your order and handle your bookings. The data we process includes name, address, email, telephone number, and customer number as well as open payments. It can be given out to the respective local car rental company.

2. Payment provider

Depending upon the payment option you choose like debit card/credit card/ PayPal, we will send the necessary details to the corresponding payment provider.(for PayPal, its PayPal and for debit/credit/debit its Barclays Seychelles)