Victoria Market

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Victoria Market in Seychelles


A visit to Victoria’s lively and vivid market is the way to get a feel for the Seychellois and their way of life. The trip to Victoria will not be complete without rambling into the markets. The Victoria market is small by African Standards, but it is a best place to buy fresh fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables (depending on the season).

It is also a best place to purchase wide variety of seafoods. The head chefs from many luxury hotels on the islands regularly visit the Victoria market to buy various components essential to the preparation of their cooking recipes.

History of Victoria Market

This was built in the year 1840, at the heart of old Victoria. Later it was completely renovated in the year 1999 and remains the bustling heart of the city.

When to visit the market?

The Victoria market is a great place for a stroll in any day of the week, particularly in the early morning. The shops will be closed around 12 pm. It’s at its liveliest on Saturday.

What you will discover at the Victoria market?

  • Spices

The spices are ubiquitous in the Victoria market with their colors and fragrance. The Cinnamon stalks, Cilantro powder and Saffron are few of the spices that are the delights of day to day recepies.

  • Fishes

The fishmongers in the market exhibiting amazing types of seafoods in the early morning, which includes barracuda, bourgois, hogfish, moonfish, parrotfish and other varieties which demonstrate the utter generosity of the sea in these parts.

  • Boutique and souvenir shops

The market has an enchanting array of boutique and souvenir shops selling a habitual patchwork of shirts and sarongs. The famous bourgeois, the red captain, the silver mackerel are also available here.

Bottom line

Don’t miss to visit the Victoria market; it is an ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with the components in the recipes you will be eating during your stay, and also to soak up the exceptional climate of the city.

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