Top places to visit on Mahe island

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Top places to visit on Mahe island:

here are our top places to visit on Mahe island. The list includes the most visited attractions on Mahe island, that you should not forget before leaving Seychelles. we have concentrated mainly on hotspot attractions, places, historic landmarks, monuments and traditional creole architectural buildings on Mahe island in this post. top beaches to visit on Mahe island is covered in another post.

hotspots of Mahe island

here are our most visited hotspot attractions in Mahe island that a tourist will never miss during his/her trip to Seychelles, under top places to visit on mahe island.


Other attractions in Mahe island

Takamaka bay distillery tour:

Takamaka bay distillery tour holds the story behind the island’s historic rum making procedure……..(Read more)

Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Seychelles:

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral, people also call it Cathedral of Victoria. It’s a religious……(Read more)

Seychelles tea factory:

Seychelles tea factory always comes on the list of must to visit places in Seychelles. Most of the tea….(Read more)

Le Jardin du Roi-spice garden:

Le Jardin du roi is a worth visiting place, situated near anse royale beach on mahe’s southeast coast. This spice garden is…..(Read more)

Botanical garden Seychelles:

Botanical garden of Seychelles has a plantation history of more than 100 years. The garden lies to the south of Victoria…..(Read more)

Kaz zanana – George Camille’s gallery:

Kaz zanana gallery is in the revolution avenue, which is close to Victoria. It’s a wooden building containing unique and exotic gallery…..(Read more)

Natural history museum, Seychelles:

Natural history museum of Seychelles is one of the most visited attractions of Victoria. The history of this museum traces back to the start of Seychelles…..(Read more)

 Mission lodge-Seychelles:

The mission lodge holds the record of famous vantage point in Seychelles. This point is located to the south of Mahe. You can see a spectacular view of….(Read more)

Liberty Monument-Seychelles:

Liberty Monument is located at 5th June Avenue, Seychelles. On June 29 of 2014 the old liberty statue was changed to a new bronze statue. President James Michel….(Read more)

Arulmigu Navasakti Vinayagar temple of Seychelles:

The Arulmigu Navasakti Vinayagar Temple is the first and the only Hindu temple in Seychelles, has Ganesh as the presiding lord, Since 1999. Apart from the presiding deity…..(Read more)

The clock tower of Seychelles:

The clock tower of Mahe island is a popular historical mark of Seychelles. This holds the history of most cherished colonial souvenir among very few…(Read more)

Old courthouse Seychelles:

The old court house of Seychelles is located to the corner of Francis Rachel Street at the independence avenue-Victoria, Seychelles. When you….(Read more)

Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Mosque-Seychelles:

Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Mosque is the first mosque for the Muslim community in Seychelles was built in 1982. The population of Muslims…(Read more)

Anglican Church in Seychelles- St. Paul’s cathedral:

St. Paul’s cathedral is located at the revolution avenue, Victoria. Its prominent landmark In Seychelles. This church dates back to…(Read more)

These are our top must visit places in Mahe island, most of these places have historic importance in Seychelles starting from Seychelles under the colonies of Great Britain and french explorations. Apart from being a tourist country with a lot of lovely beaches, Seychelles holds lots of historic monuments and traditional creole architectures to visit.

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