Tips for Snorkeling in Seychelles

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Tips for Snorkeling in Seychelles:

Here are creolepay’s general tips for snorkeling in Seychelles to bear in mind before starting. enjoy your snorkeling trip in paradise island.


  • Some of the you mind try snorkeling for the first time and others would have done it before. Remember to be relaxed and calm all the time if you are snorkeling for the first time. Seychelles has exotic beauty of coral reefs remain calm to enjoy the nature.
  • You might snorkel first or have previous experience, but keep in mind always to follow the instructions provided by the ones who take you to snorkel and stay in limits.
  • Bear in mind always to follow the warning signs kept on sights and never try to violate them.
  • Even though you have previous snorkeling experience, never snorkel alone.
  • If you are interested in taking photos, don’t forget your underwater camera and make sure with its with enough charge.
  • Split your snorkeling time by shortening the length to avoid sun burns.


Required certification:

Snorkeling is open to all. If one can swim it’s easy to learn snorkeling. It’s easy when compared to scuba diving. Just bear in mind to have a person who knows that area and someone to snorkel with you.

refer to our Do’s and don’ts in snorkeling at Seychelles for precautions before you go to snorkel.

refer to our Marine life to see while snorkeling in seychelles, to know that species you can when snorkeling.

please refer to our list of snorkeling spots to know where to snorkel,

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