The Bird Island Seychelles

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The Bird Island, Seychelles- A Travel Guide

Bird island is the most northern island of the Seychelles archipelago and is situated at a distance of 65 miles from Mahe, the main island. This 0.94 km sq. coral island is known for its amazing bird life, lushing green interiors, immensely beautiful flora and fauna.

When was the last time you went for an exotic vacation with your family to freshen up your mind? Well, for many its really hard to remember. When it comes to a vacation, it is hard to plan and execute it. Planning and executing a vacation is not something that can be done within the wink of an eye.

You keep on planning and planning and while doing so through travel books and internet blogs you may travel the whole world but at the end of everything, you just sit in your living room and watch movies along with a tub of popcorn and that is how you spend most of your holidays. Where to go on a vacation-is one of the most important parameter while planning it. What is needed is a proper motivation to go and visit a place.

Let’s have a look at this place- The Bird Island, Seychelles.

The bird island:

Bird island is the most northern island of the Seychelles archipelago and is situated at a distance of 65 miles from Mahe, the main island. This 0.94 km sq. coral island is known for its amazing bird life, lushing green interiors, immensely beautiful flora and fauna. It is also known for the hawksbill and green turtle.

The water body which holds this island is none other than the Indian Ocean. The majestic beauty which the Bird Island holds is one of the magnificent treasure which the world possesses, and it is a must visit for all once in a lifetime. Otherwise, you shall miss out the riches that this majestic island has to offer.

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands on the western part of the Indian Ocean. This island is a beautiful art work of greenery and blue sea water along with the blue sky which is just the same as you see in a landscape.

The island received its name from the millions of sea birds which call it their home. Above it, there is the SOOTY TERN that forms the largest colony of the seabirds.

History of the Bird Island

This landmass was discovered in 1756 and a huge marine population in it then. Towards the end 1960, an Englishman bought this ancient island, which till then had been exploited to a great extent due to the coconut and cotton plantations, guano exports and export of the sooty tern eggs. As a result of all these the natural vegetation and bird population of the island had already began to change drastically.

The new owner of the island then had the coconut plantations cleared which made space for safe breeding grounds of the birds. He drove away the predatory birds from the island. At the present day, the island is quite well maintained and is a much cherished destination in the world.

How to Reach the Bird Island?

To get to this place, you need to take a thirty minutes flight in an aircraft from Mahe. The flight from Mahe shall surely give you the first breathtaking impressions of this island, having lushing green interiors surrounded by white coral sand beaches, which are kissed by crystal clear blue waters.

Where to Stay in the Bird Island?

In the bird island, the guests are accommodated in 24 comfortable bungalows, with free wi-fi. It is reputed for having delicious cuisines. The restaurant offers heavy breakfasts, creollunches and European style dinners. Each room in the bungalows has its own patio overlooking the gardens and the sea is at a very little distance from the rooms.

How Long to Stay?

If you visit the Bird Island then it is recommended to have a stay of at least two or three days to enjoy the soothing atmosphere of this place which takes up the concept of ecotourism.

Interests of visit :

  • From May to October, the Bird Island is a home to thousands of sooty terns that nest here.
  • During the breeding season,you can get a spectacle of huge flock of birds that land on the island before sunset and fly away at sunrise as they go for finding food over the sea.
  • During a guided tour, you can have a view of birds nesting up-close and hear the flora and fauna in details described by your local guide. Complementary guided tours are conducted for guests who are interested in exploring the wonders of Seychelles islands.
  • The bird island is the home ground of world’s oldest tortoise, Esmeralda. It was born on 1st June 1771 and weighs close to 300 kgs.
  • As the island is surrounded by beaches, it is really convenient nesting ground for turtles and they do come here for the same. However, this usually happens under the cover of darkness and this should not be disturbed. So, it is recommended that you should trod the well lit paths after sunset.
  • An interesting recreation on bird is snorkelling which can be enjoyed at the south-east of the island.
  • In the west of the island, there is a white beach which has been allowed to be used up for swimming by tourists. Further information about snorkelling, swimming, diving, sailing and kayaking can be obtained from the island lodge.

Seychelles island hopping-

While staying in the Bird island for a few nights, you can make a luxurious visit to other adjacent islands which include Mahe, Praslim or La Digue. Cruises according to your convenience are available for the same.

  • The official language spoken at Seychelles is Seychellois Creole, English and French.
  • The local currency is Seychelles Rupee (SCR).
  • The time zone is UTC+4.

The Bird Island is one of the Seychelles’ most treasured and loved locations. A stay in this calm and serene island will definitely provide peace and tranquillity to its visitors. Vacation on the Bird will be ideal for an exotic one as it gives you the feeling of a ‘castaway’. It is an ornithologist’s heaven and a home away from home for nature lovers.

The Bird Island, Seychelles, welcomes you to fall in love with its beauty and explore it comfortably on foot.

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