Snorkeling in Seychelles

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Snorkeling in Seychelles

snorkeling in Seychelles is a common activity that all the tourist coming to Seychelles will do. Seychelles is one of the excellent spots for the practice of snorkeling. This popular island catches the attention of the snorkelers all over the world. To discover the appropriate sites for snorkeling, it is highly recommended to rent a car to travel effortlessly. Buses are also frequently available to reach the spot, but with the scenic routes it will be long to travel. refer to our snorkeling tip before heading to snorkel.

What makes the Seychelles exclusive?

The Seychelles island is a perfect choice for the people who are longing for white sandy beaches and glittering turquoise inlets. It is always listed in the best holiday destinations around the world, because of its magnificent marine flora and fauna. Snorkeling in the Seychelles island can be one of the most gratifying snorkeling experiences that you ever have.

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is one of the amusement activities which are usually done in shallow water. It involves traversing the marine life with the help of a mask, swim fins and snorkel (tube which helps to breathe under water).

Snorkeling activity is generally doing in tropical islands for their underwater richness. It just need a little physical effort and does not need lots of equipment like scuba diving. It is said that snorkeling is a 5000 year old activity and does not require more money. Age also does not matter; any people can enjoy this activity.

Best time for snorkeling

Although snorkeling is possible throughout the year, there are certain months which are highly recommended. The best time is March to May and September to November. Because, only during these periods the water is calm and also has good visibility. Even temperature is also around 29°C to 31°C.

From the month October to March, rains are more common, the temperatures are also highest and there is most humidity. From the month April to September there is a cooler and dryer period, but it is also windier. Since, the wind also has some important role in the snorkeling activity; you must bear in mind that the prevailing wind is north-westerly from October to March and south-easterly from April to September.

Best Snorkeling sites in Seychelles


Sunset Beach


The Sunset Beach hotel is one of the famous snorkeling sites in the north side of Mahe island. This is just 5–7 minutes travel from the Beauvallon beach.

This petite bay has small rocks on both the sides that extend under the water with corals. The right side of the beach contains rocky islets which are flush and the deepness is about 3 meter.


Ternay Bay

The Ternay Bay is located on the west part of the Mahe island. This bay is sandy and a bit muddy due to the presence of Mangrove around the bay. So, you need to walk away from the beach side to get pleasure from the submarine landscape.


Port Launay


Returning from the Ternay Bay to Port Launay you can find many small beaches, all they have the good snorkeling sits, so it is worth to visiting them. Even the center part of the bay has a good snorkeling site with an average depth of around 2 metres. Here the visibility of the beach is often disturbed by white sand suspensions when the bay is choppy.


Anse Soleil


This is another snorkeling site situated on the west part of the Mahe island. Anse Soleil offers a wide range of rocks and corals of the beach a few tens of meters from the shoreline. Several fishes are present around the island but they emerge only slightly from the surface.


Petite Anse


This site is located very close to the Anse Soleil. This beach demands for swimming, as you have to cross small waves, to reach the coral reef. In this beach, the fins are also compulsory, since there is also some current depending on the tides. The sea beds in the Petite Anse are beautiful, so it is worth to take such efforts to reach this spot for snorkeling…………………(read more)

refer to our Do’s and don’ts in snorkeling at Seychelles for precautions before you go to snorkel.

refer to our Marine life to see while snorkeling in seychelles, to know that species you can when snorkeling.

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Final words

The Seychelles is viewed as one of the large ocean paradises on the globe. So, if you are looking for a great snorkeling experience, book your flight today to the Seychelles island.

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