seychelles carnival

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Seychelles international carnival

Seychelles carnival takes up its pride in saying it to be one of the world’s best carnivals. Throughout the history of Seychelles, it is still being the salad bowl for people from different parts of the world. We find Seychelles crammed full of diverse culture. Different people of different cultures settled here and formed the core identity of Seychelles. To break all these differences and to bring out the unity in diversity, Seychelles accomplishes their very own ‘carnival des carnivals’ every year. Seychelles international carnival is a three days celebration where a fusion of representatives from world’s best carnivals is brought to Seychelles to add more flavor to their blissful national event.

The parade:

Representatives of various countries exhibit their native arts in this parade. Every year around more than 5 nations participates in this carnival. Carnival In this islet brings world of cultures here, and that’s a treat to everyone’s eyes who witness. Carnival groups from as far as Brazil, Italy, Swaziland, Cambodia and South Korea have flown to Mahé in preparation for Seychelles Carnival.

Ever since the event took place, Seychelles carnival has become one of the main attraction for tourists apart from its nature’s bliss. Many tourists feel themselves to be blessed to have arrived during the time of carnival. In fact, this carnival brings additional magnetism to its existing magnificence. Witnessing the color, ambiance, and pleasure of this unparalleled festival is like no other, Seychelles islands remain the much-loved spot of many holidaymaker and fun lovers. This global event attracts international crowd bringing 30,000 people around the globe every year to this heaven on earth.

history of carnival:

Seychelles is a country of collided cultures and ethnicity of people from parts of world. Their only motive of celebrating carnival is to spread the significance of equality, togetherness and unity. This grand event of Seychelles gives opportunity for people to celebrate their native heritage and also this helps people to share and discover cultural heritage of them and other nations. This carnival has made Seychelles to be the melting pot for different arts and cultures of this planet.

place of celebration:

Seychelles international carnival is held in the Seychelles capital city, Victoria, Mahe Island. Victoria acts as a stage which is elegantly decorated for the representatives of various countries to exhibit their cultural legacy to please the spectator’s eyes.


Seychelles carnival is 3 days celebration, since 2011, it is generally conducted in the month of April. This is the biggest cultural grandeur you can ever imagine which welcomes more than 1500 artists participants from around 30 countries.

How is it celebrated?

Day 1:

The very first day of this carnival starts with the grand opening ceremony where the tourism minister and other ministers will deliver the presidential address which will be followed by dance and music performance. Big screens are set up for the audience to cherish the live shows in better view.

Day 2:

It’s parade day! This event will allow different countries of the world to showcase their culture and achievements by scrolling aboard colorful carnival floats in the joyous and lively streets in Victoria. The parade moves through the roads of Victoria. The parade comprises of representatives with various costumes reflecting different cultures, all on the same land, from Brazilian dancers to pyramidal acrobatics from India. The city abounding with complete enthusiasm, excitement, joy, peace and most importantly it is harmonized.

Day 3:

After two days of restless celebration, Carnival here comes to an end with a closing ceremony which comprises of prize distribution along with fun-filled performances by kids followed by clouds rolling dance and music. Finally, it’s time to bid adieu to the carnival celebration.


Interesting facts of seychellian carnival:

Do not miss to witness clusters of cultures of Brazilian dancers, Zydeco band, and Sami tribe singers, Chinese acrobats, Cowgirl, Masai warriors, Himalayan musicians and Indonesian dancers In a single sight, in this three days gala.

Named as the ‘carnivals of carnivals’, Seychelles showcases the strong desire to improve the world. Delegation from Mauritius, Reunion, Germany, Madagascar, Mayotte, KwaZulu-Natal, Brazil, Brazil, China, Dusseldorf, Mozambique, and Notting Hill of the UK, Cape Town, Trinidad and Tobago, USA of America, France, Italy, Indonesia, Zambia and Zimbabwe attend this prestigious festival to exhibit their cultures and custom.

History being recorded:

This event is also mediatised by journalists from various countries and journals. They cover up the whole celebration to notify people of their country. About 100 of journalists come over to Seychelles to cover this event.

pictures of Seychelles carnival

seychelles carnival seychelles carnival seychelles carnival seychelles carnival seychelles carnival seychelles carnival

seychelles carnival seychelles carnival seychelles carnival seychelles carnival

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