Scuba diving in Seychelles

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Scuba diving in Seychelles

The clear turquoise water of the Indian Ocean which surrounds the archipelago is one of the most appealing characters of the Seychelles. The stunning topography of canyons, drop offs, expansive reefs, pinnacles, walls and wrecks makes Scuba diving in Seychelles more beautiful. It offers many best spots for scuba diving and also has rich diversity of marine life existing for inspection.

Scuba diving spots in Seychelles

The scuba divers will hit upon wonderful visibility while visiting the diving locations around the various islands. The shallow waters near the deep waters produce enormous reefs that make great scuba diving.

The miscellaneous scuba diving in the Seychelles varied from exquisite coral reefs to wall dives; granite rock patterns to wrecks. Drift diving is frequent due to the stronger currents that take place in the southern islands. The coral is healthy and copious, with extremely large gorgonian fans and barrel sponges garnishing the reefs.

In the scuba diving spots the depth are ranging from 8 m to 30 m and the options are also available for both the beginners and experienced divers. The northern portion of the island (Mahe) is where most of the scuba divers prefer to go. The sites in this location are suitable for both beginners as well as experienced divers with average deepness of 15 meters. It has around 30 diverse scuba diving spots within a short ride from the dive operators area.

The other diving spots are little longer and they are located in the southern portion of the island. Only few diving operators are available on the southern part of the island, but they are frequently accessing to the spot. The longer distance diving sites are more appropriate for only experienced divers, due to the deeper intensity and shallow currents.

Silhoutte island has 8 scuba diving sites and La Digue and Praslin has 12 stupendous sites. They are also available to the dive centers on Mahe who are out for a full day diving. The “Aldabra Coral Reef” is great for scuba divers; it is the world’s largest raised Coral Atoll and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The outer islands of the Seychelles are uninhabited which gives absolute privacy to the divers. Only the Alphonse and Desroches islands give accommodations to the visitors. They have stupendous resorts which offer immaculate diving with no other divers using the sites.

Perfect time to dive in Seychelles

The Seychelles islands have a temperate tropical climate which brings comfortable conditions all round the year. The temperature of the water gets vary between 26°C and 30°C. Still few months are preferred for scuba diving:

  • March to May and October & November is mostly recommended. In these periods of time the sea is calm and the visibility of the water is also perfect. In addition, the temperature of the water also reaches to 29°C which makes a pleasant and relaxed diving experience.
  • December to February the north-westerly trade winds brings more speed which makes difficult for diving. And also cyclones may hit this island during these months which is again dangerous for divers.
  • In the periods of June to September the south-easterly trade winds are brisker, which brings admirable sailing weather but more surface chop that divers would need to deal with.

Scuba diving courses

Seychelles is one of the best islands to learn scuba diving and also helps to advance your diving skills. The extensive diversity of dive sites means there is something for everybody and that also means that dive training at all proficiency levels are immense here.

Safety Precautions

If you are scheduling the forthcoming dive trip or travelling to Seychelles, you are highly recommended to invest in travel insurance for scuba diving. Because we never know what could happen next and when it will happen (accidents do happen). So, visit any best insurance companies which especially focus on quality insurance and medical assistance service.

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