Mahe island of Seychelles

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Mahe island of Seychelles:

Mahe island of Seychelles is the biggest and most populated islands of Seychelles. Ever tried of looking for Seychelles on the world map? You will find a tiny dot in the name of Seychelles. You will be amazed to know this tiny dot island nation comprises of 115 islands. Seychelles located to the coast of east Africa in the Indian ocean. Seychelles is one of those isolated, dreamy paradise locations you often see in movies.

You can find diversified blend of cultures such as French, British, African, Indian, Chinese and Arab in Seychelles. Mahe island consists of more than 35 beaches. although most of them being not popular, every beach is distinctive in its nature. Most of the tourist coming Seychelles look for the beaches on Praslin island and la digue island, but there are plenty of good beaches in mahe island also.

Mahe island of Seychelles offers no shortage of beautiful sights, relaxation opportunities, and exciting activities and adventures. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or for a vacation that the whole family can enjoy, the Seychelles has something for everyone. Starting from white sand beaches to your own hidden picnic spot, lush green forests, lovely trees, authentic creole cuisine and small towns bestowed with unique culture, there is plenty to explore in mahe island.

Apart from beaches in mahe island there are lot of attractions like water falls, jungle trail, mountain treks, mountain peaks tipped with creamy clouds and stunning view points. There are activities like rock climbing, trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling for you to forget yourselves.

Topography of mahe island:

mahe island is the most populated island of Seychelles, consisting of roughly 85,000 citizens. Most of the citizens live in around the capital city-Victoria. Victoria is located to the north east of mahe island.

Every tourist coming to Seychelles will have their own adventure story to tell

A high peak named Morne Seychellois lies inside Morne Seychellois National Park separates

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mahe island by east and west. This mountain range is filled with thick tropical forest and ranges up-to 905 meters. Along the north-east coast of mahe island, Seychelles government has lot of development projects like luxury housings and ile perseverance. The Eden island is situated in this coast. Tourist coming to Seychelles won’t leave without visiting Eden island.

west part of mahe:

From Victoria, beau vallon is very close. Beau vallon is located to the hills of west to Victoria consisting of lot of beach resorts, self-catering villas and great restaurants. Heading further from beau vallon to the north point of the island there is a small village glacis, it consists of some self-catering accommodations at reasonable prices and form the beautiful beaches of beau vallon you can just forget themselves in the beauty of sunsets. From the beaches of glacis, you can have a beautiful view over silhouette island. To the west of beau vallon, you can hike to the trials of anse major. This isn’t it, after reaching the gorgeous anse major, you can enjoy the beautiful beach bay of anse major letting you to swim, sun-bathe, snorkel.

south part of mahe:

Heading to the south you can reach Seychelles international airport, there few beaches in the way with shallow water worth visiting. Further south you will reach anse royale, this is where your quest to fall in outstanding beauty of mahe island starts. Starting from anse royale to anse louis in the south west, there are coastal roads of exotic beauty, roads caved by lovely trees, exotic beaches to venture. There are lot of small shops and restaurants to taste during the way. The south part of mahe consists of twisting roads, lovely tree caved roads worth stopping and enjoying, the spectacular beaches of anse soleil, anse intendance and takamaka should be mentioned here. These places will give you the true feeling of holiday in paradise island (i.e.) mahe Seychelles.

north part of mahe:

The north part of mahe island is not that much fascinating when compared to the south. But anse bouileau bay and anse louis bay should be mentioned as worth visiting bays of north side. The restaurants here are also worth trying. Grand anse is located to the north, the sea is too rough to swim, nice to sun bath, picnic and watch surfing. If you are interested in surfing grand anse of mahe island is worth trying.

The north of grand anse has spectacular view point, that’s worth stopping by and spend some time before to reach out to port glaud. Further drive you reach the Constance ephelia and port launay marine reserves. These reserves are protected spots in the island, where you can encounter abundant sea life. These regions are best spot for snorkeling and sea diving. Once you dived, you will some to mahe island every year to enjoy the exquisite nature mahe Seychelles.

Creolepay cars:

Creolepay cars, we provide cheap and reliable car rental at Mahe and Praslin island anywhere you want, even at the airport too. you enjoy your holiday trip to Seychelles with our fabulous cars. the trip to mahe island by a rent a car has its own advantages. Most of the roads mahe island winds down through the lush green forests, amazing view points and spectacular coastal roads. it’s a beautiful drive, at times you will think yourself being in a dense forest during your drive. you can stop anywhere to enjoy this scenery and there are local shops in the way, where they have fruits and local snack stall to leisure. at once you are into the dense lovely tree regions you can see straight through the forest to the sea, that’s a nice view take photographs.


.Mahe island was named after a French governor of Mauritius as mahe de la bourdonnais, which later turned to mahe island. In 1609, the British first visited mahe island first. Then in 1742 the Europeans visited mahe island during lazare picault’s expedition. lazare picault, a French explorer during his travels explored Seychelles. Although British, Arab visited Seychelles before, lazare picault’s exploration is very predominant in the history of Seychelles.

On November 1 1756, Corneille Nicholas Morphey, leader of the French exploration team landed in Seychelles at port Victoria during their exploration quest. Their navy was called as frégate Le Cerf, which translated as ‘The deer’ in English. Corneille Nicholas Morphey claimed the island in the name of king of france by laying a stone of possession in mahe island. You can find the stone of possession at the Seychelles national museum at Victoria.

Seychelles remained as French colony till 1812 and then it became a British colony. Seychelles remained as colony till 1976, then it became an independent nation.

Hotspots of mahe island

Other attractions of mahe island

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