Glacis noire trail

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Glacis noire trail:

Glacis noir trail is located to the east coast of Praslin Island. You can have nice extradinary view over la Digue Island as you go along this trail. As you go further you can see other islands of Seychelles also. Most of the tourists stop at the peak spots and take pictures of the fascinating view of these island


The hike is about two hours span and it will take 45 to 50 minutes to get to the view point


The hike is moderate to climb until you get to the view point where you see the wooden tower, after this point the path is bit difficult and most of the path is covered by lush vegetation.


You can take your rent a car to vallee de mai and park it at the parking slot. There is a path which starts with chain, follow the path, the course of the hike starts from that track.

Things to Know:

The course of this Glacis noir trail is about 1.4 kilometers. There was a forest fire at this place in the past. You can still find the burnt trees as you go along the hike. The rare Seychelles black can be found in the areas of vallee de mai, so you can find them here and also rarely birds like Indian mynah and Seychelles bulbul. Lots of Seychelles big snails can be found in the lush vegetation.

You can find Seychelles endemic palm plants here along the course of your path. Coco de mer is the most famous of them. With correct permit, you can buy one to take it home as a souvenir from Seychelles, but it’s quite expensive to buy since it belongs to the endemic species. Totally there are six endemic palm plants you can find here namely Palmiste (Deckenia nobilis), Latanier feuille (Phoenicophorium borsigianum), Latanier millepatte (Nephrosperma vanhoutteanum) and Coco de Mer (Lodoicea maldivica), the Thief Palm and the Latanyen Oban. It’s advised not to climb the view tower because it might be dug by termites.

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