Do’s and don’ts in snorkeling at Seychelles

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Do’s and don’ts in snorkeling at Seychelles:

Here are creolepay’s general Do’s and don’ts in snorkeling at Seychelles to bear in mind before starting. enjoy your snorkeling trip in paradise island.

Do’s in snorkeling at Seychelles:

  • Apply sunscreen adequately, to save yourself from sunburns
  • Get a correct sized mask fit to your face and good snorkel gears to save yourself from headaches and water entering in to your gear.
  • Make sure that you rinse your gears with fresh water after snorkeling to keep your equipment safe.
  • Be careful with large waves which will change the course of your snorkel and they can even drift you against rocks.
  • Keep note on  the weather, sea conditions, tide heights that morning or ask the person who takes you to snorkel.

Don’ts in snorkeling at Seychelles:

  • Don’t use the gear before washing it, because they might contain sand, that might disturb you while snorkeling. The masks might be not clear, you might not see corals clearly.
  • Don’t try to collect marine life, sometimes when you touch them or step on to coral might be harmful.
  • Don’t concentrate only on the corals, if you are so excited about snorkeling. Because you might end up a boat or any object. Making sure your surface is very important in snorkeling.
  • Don’t swim to fast, the coral reefs in Seychelles has their own exotic beauty. So swim slowly and enjoy the beauty of it.

please refer to our list of snorkeling spots to know where to snorkel,

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