Dans Gallas hiking trail

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Dans Gallas hiking trail:

For those willing to endure something slightly more enduring adventure the hike to Dans Gallas hiking trail wouldn’t disappoint you.


The duration varies from person to person but it is a very short hike to the top. On average the duration is about 2 and half hours.


It is a steep hill climb and can be daunting for many people but for those adventure seekers it will not disappoint.


There are two ways one could reach

  1. The first way is by taking the number 32 bus which is from Victoria to Le Niol. One has to ride to the terminus and on the other side of the road one can find a sign for the national park stating the business hours and also some more information.
  2. The second way is to take a rental car, using which the start trail can be reached easier, roughly halfway between Victoria and Beau Vallon a street named “Chemin le Niol” which is before reaching Le Niol and taking this road to its end point.

Things to know:

The main attraction of this trail is the panoramic view and the scenery that one finds following the route. It is cautious to take into account the steep hill climb that lies ahead is tricky and dangerous, therefore it is advised that one not to take any children or any older family members.

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