Copolia hiking trail

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Copolia hiking trail:

Copolia hiking trail is the final mountain hike is on the north of Mahé, two hour trail is easy to find and has great views.


The trail is a two hour long hike and is easy to find the trail as it is marked with blue and yellow markings.


It is a long hike, but not dangerous nor is it easy to get lost and can be taken by someone who isn’t a local.


The start and end trail is on the Sans Souci Road, at Val Riche (approximately 6km from Victoria), the path is marked with blue and yellow markings which makes it easier for the non locals to follow and use. The hilltop offers 360 degree views of Victoria and of the east coast of Mahé. There are a few steep sections that can be overcome with ladders and rope.

Things to know:

There are a lot of species that are found here and also has spectacular views. One can see various places where there are cinnamon and vanilla and also numerous carnivorous pitcher plants that are native to the island. The place is also empty and so one can enjoy the place and explore it in peace.

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