Cerf Island Seychelles

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The Emerald on the Turquoise Crown – Cerf Island

The Cerf Island is situated just 4 km from the largest island in Seychelles, Mahe island. It takes around 10 minutes to reach this stunning island by a boat.

How long have you been dreaming for that special holiday? Most probably, too long! Holiday plans are not that easy to execute. You may plan and plan but ultimately, you just grab a slice of pizza and spend your time in front of TV. What you need is a motivation.

Let’s see if this helps. Seychelles – one word, describing a whole experience. Learning about Seychelles is all the motivation you will needed to pack your bags and take a trip down this emerald island on the turquoise Indian Ocean. The beauty that Seychelles holds is a treasure in itself and for once in your life you must take the full advantage of the riches that this island has to offer.

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands on the western part of the Indian Ocean. This country offers so many things to the tourists that it is almost unimaginable. From the greenest island to the bluest seas, Seychelles is a work of art and you will thank Mother Earth for such a creation.

You may be wondering that it will be difficult for you to reach there. But afraid not as Seychelles is situated close to Madagascar and the coast of Kenya. The country is extremely well connected via airways and seaways. So, the question of reaching there should be your least concern.

As you are in Seychelles, enjoying everything that it has to offer, make it a point to visit Cerf Island. You will be stunned beyond imagination by the power of its sheer beauty. You can’t just go to Seychelles and miss Cerf Island. That will be a crime of the century!

Cerf Island – An Introduction

The Cerf Island is situated just 4 km from the largest island in Seychelles, Mahe. It takes around 10 minutes to reach this stunning island by a boat. Cerf Island is a part of the Saint Anne Marine National Park and you would be thankful that you have made your trip there. Just 1.5 km long, this small island is another jewel in Seychelles. The blissful seclusion that this island offers is its main attraction, but this is just a minor introduction to its treasure.

Cerf Island gets its name from the French ship ‘Le Cerf’ that landed on the island in 1756 to take claim of it. Years and centuries have passed by, but Cerf Island has remained untouched of the human destruction. It hosts a mere 100 residents and all are accustomed to the natural ways of living, trying their best to preserve the nature and the environment of the island.

Why should I visit Cerf Island?

This is a very common question that you may ask before you plan your trip to Cerf. Then you must know the reasons why Cerf should be a part of your itinerary. Leading an urban life takes toll on your physical and mental health and you need some escape to rejuvenate yourself. The best way to do this is spend some quality time with the nature. And Cerf is perfect for this endeavor. Retire from your hectic life and dive into the serenity of the natural beauty of Cerf. Be it with your partner or your family, Cerf Island will be perfect for you to just sit and enjoy nature.

Spent some days in Cerf and you will be able to take part in diving and snorkeling and experience the fantastic beauty of the undersea marine life. Cerf offers a vast collection of corals and other marine ecosystem, allowing you to have the ideal vacation that you have been dreaming for a long time.

Where to stay at Cerf Island?

You must remember that Cerf Island has a population of just 100 people. So you won’t get that many options for your stay in Cerf. But this shouldn’t disappoint you, as the two options that are available to you are the best in Seychelles. You will have to choose between Cerf Island Resort and L’Habitation, and believe me you will be amazed to find that these are as luxurious as they can be.

Cerf Island Resort offers 24 intimate and private villas that are equipped with all the luxuries that you will need. So you can stay in a Robinson Crusoe-like Island, but it doesn’t mean that you will have to stay like Robinson Crusoe.

L’Habitation is however a little smaller in size and can accept up to 24 guests. There are 10 rooms which come with air conditioning, TVs and every other luxury that you can think of.

Cerf has created a welcoming environment for the guests, so never worry about any amenities that you might not get there, for they provider everything.

What to do at Cerf?

Well apart from the fact that you can enjoy an unparallel beauty of nature, you can take a walk along the white beaches and marvel at the bluest blue sea and the greenest green island. Adjectives will fail to describe the gorgeousness of the island. Once you have walked around this small island, gather some experience in snorkeling. There are four marked snorkeling posts and one of them even has a rare black coral. Swim with the fishes and small turtles and create memories that will live on forever.

How to get to Cerf Island?

Seychelles is well connected with the entire world through its airways. The largest island in the country, Mahe also homes the capital, Victoria. The International Airport of Seychelles is located in this island. Once you land there, you can hire a boat to take you to Cerf Island. Cerf is just 4 kms away from Mahe and it will take you about 10 minutes to reach there.

It is advised that you visit Seychelles and Cerf Island in between December and January or during the Seychelles ‘summer’ from May to September. All the other times, Seychelles experience heavy rainfall, so you may miss out on spending some quality time on the beach.

Cerf is called a jewel of jewels and there are enough evidences to back up that claim. Reading about Cerf is not enough, you will have to go down there and believe the creation by your own eye. So, be prepared to get dazzled!

pictures of Cerf island Seychelles


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