Anse Major hiking trail

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Anse Major hiking trail:

The island of Seychelles is home to magnificent fauna and flora that deserve to be explored on foot, hiking is the only way to enjoy nature at its best.Anse Major hiking trail is one of the simplest and common hiking trail to most of the tourists.

From Danzil to Anse Major

One of the simplest hikes as it weaves around the rocky north-west coast of Mahé to the beauty that is called Anse Major.


The hike is about an hour long and the trial is narrow but well marked.


It is one of the simplest hikes but has steep climbs and therefore advised to wear good grip shoes. It is at a height of about 100m above sea level and for those who are accompanied by children are advised to be extra cautious.


There are two ways in which one could reach the starting point of the hike.

  1. If one is to travel with a car, all one needs to do is take the car from Beau Vallon up to Bel Ombre and Danzil.
  2. If it is the bus that is preferred then climb aboard the number 21 (Victoria – Bel Ombre) and head on to the terminus.

From here the road becomes smaller and travels upwards, once a height of about 100m is reached one could see the coast on the west. From here on it is sparingly vegetated with big granite boulders. This point also has a magnificent view of the sea on one side and the Morne Seychellois National Park on the other.

Things to Know:

There is a very small amount of protection from the sun hence it is advised that one carry sun screen, coolers and lots of water. The climb is also very steep and is advised to wear footwear with good grip. For those who are new to the area it is better to travel with a tour guide which the hotel maybe able to help you with.

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